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Cryptocurrency made easy!

OpenTurnkey, “OTK” for short, is the only secure private key that holds the access privilege to the corresponding digital asset. It communicates to a digital wallet through NFC and utilizes a user's fingerprint to control spending. A user of OTK does not need to memorize any password or secure phrases of any kind. Because it is the only private key, the user can even simply turn an OTK to another person to complete a transaction, which is 100% secure, anonymous, offline, and free from transaction fees.

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OpenTurnkey uses NFC as the only communication to the outside world. The private key is generated within OpenTurnkey and never leaves the device.

When signing transaction is required, the context to be signed will be sent to OpenTurnkey, the user authorized the access to the private key with his/her fingerprint and OpenTurnkey will present the processed signature over the wireless communication. There is not anyway to get the private key out of it.

OpenTurnkey has integrated fingerprint sensor and chipset to provide our users the most convenient and secure way to control the access to the private key. A user does not need to keep any password or recovery phrases. 

An OpenTurnkey user can even turn his/her OpenTurnkey to another person, when he/she unlocks the OpenTurnkey with his/her fingerprint. This made the offline transaction possible which is 100% secure and free from transaction fee, more importantly, leaves no record on the blockchain. This makes tracking the ownership of an OpenTurnkey impossible, just like using cash.

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There is not any external outlet on OpenTurnkey. It adopted wireless technology in communication and power charging. Users can charge OpenTurnkey with any Qi compatible wireless power charger purchased from the store. Because of this, OpenTurnkey is also highly robust in most environments. 

OpenTurnkey is now under development and will be launched soon.. Let us know if you are interested or have any inquiries. We are looking forward to present you our best product.

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About Cyphereco

Cyphereco is the abbreviation for Cypher-Economy. We are a young entrepreneur company with a focus on discovering the rules of tomorrow’s economy and promoting new economic concepts and tools to the public.

Our financial systems, business practices, corporate organizations, and governmental systems are all part of a larger economic system. Most of them have not changed much in the past two hundred years, even though our technology has grown exponentially.

We believe the time for change has come. The invention of Bitcoin is the light of dawn. It shows us that decentralized direct democracy is possible through information technology based on cryptography. We have witnessed the possibility of creating a better world where all people on Earth can live without borders and discrimination.

The economy rules of this new world and our transition into it are not yet clear. However, people of our generation should start to explore possible solutions and find answers to our current problems. This is why we created Cyphereco.

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